PRO7USE Enhanced Soundfont

This is a tiny soundfont made for older machines or just for people that don’t want to use the mammoth that is the KOR Soundfont project. The goal of this project is to make the best damn soundfont possible that’ll still work on a SoundBlaster AWE 64 (with ram expansion). This should also work on other similar soundcards as long as they support SF2 and have enough ram.

With the right adapter, certain versions of the AWE 32 and AWE 64 soundblaster cards could load soundfonts into a onboard ram cache and use those samples in it’s own synthesizer. This can make certain MS-DOS and Windows 95 games sound far better than with a normal midi soundcard.

This soundfont project’s main goal is to bring that quality even better than was ever previously thought possible. I believe it’s possible to get this soundfont to sound about 75% as good as the 2gb monster of a soundfont that I’ve made with the KOR project. It’s nowhere near there yet, but I still believe it’s possible. It’s just gonna take time.

This soundfont is based off of the hardwork of Ziya Mete Demicran and his PRO7USE project.
This project never could have started without him so I wanted to make sure that was mentioned.

The Vogons forum Project page is here…


The License (sort of)

Since most of this is based off samples from old, discontinued E-MU synth software (Proteus VX) It can not be licensed under GPL or any other freedom friendly manner. Therefore it’s opensource, but not licensed for redistribution or resale of any kind. You can still use it to compose songs professionally. Creative still holds the rights for the original samples and at any time may request for my site to remove this soundfont.